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Jude Tarrant

St Aldhelm’s Chapel, Lytchett Heath, Dorset ~ 2001

Saint Aldhelm

Five windows on the life of Saint Aldhelm, a local saint.

Celebrated as the first English scholar, and noted as the builder of many churches and abbeys, St Aldhelm's life is celebrated in this set of five new stained glass windows designed and made for St Aldhelm's Chapel, Lytchett Heath, Dorset in September 2001. 

Various illustrations of the miracles attributed to St Aldhelm and references to his life's work as scholar and mediator between the different traditions of the Church at that time are depicted.  He was advisor to the 8th century King Ine of Wessex, and was also well known for his composing and singing of songs to the ordinary people and which he would cleverly turn to Christian themes

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