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Jude Tarrant

Union of Catholic Mothers

The work of the UCM is one of service and dedication to motherhood and to doing God’s will. “Blessed is the Virgin Mary who bore the Son of the eternal Father”. In the main part of the window are two depictions of Mary as Mother. In the left hand section we see her cradling the baby Christ child, showing complete support and un-conditional love that nurtures and enables growth. Mary’s role is to present her Son to the world, that all may follow Him. In the right hand side section we see Jesus as an older child, still under the care of his mother, but now Mary must allow him to stand on His own. The pain of motherhood can often be in letting go. Mary knows Jesus has a mission to fulfil and she supports Him to the end.

Mary and baby Jesus

Union of Catholic Mothers 75th Anniversary window 2008

Lady Chapel window, St Colman’s Church, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire

union of Catholic mothers stained glass window UCMMother Mary