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Jude Tarrant

On the theme of the Rosary of the Mysteries of Light

Nave window, St Colman’s Church, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire 2009

Marraige at Cana

The theme of the window of the Manifestation of Jesus at Cana is one of abundance and joy; the mystery of Christ’s transformation of the water into wine, and the fidelity of marriage and the strength and unity of the family.

Jesus at Cana Jesus at Cana

Jesus holds a cup, a plain earthenware cup of the type that would have been set upon the table at the marriage feast. He gestures at the water jars, and this is the moment of glorious transformation, of water into wine.

Marraige at Cana water jars by glasspainter Jude Tarrant

The red of the wine flows down from the six jars and surrounds and fills the space with warmth and plenty. The words ‘You have kept the best until now’ emerge from the blue of Mary at the top of the lancet window.